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We are going to crowd fund and apply for grants for a building to be used as a base for a cafe/toilets/changing area/meeting space - accessible 7 days per week. It will be used as a base for autistic young people to learn new skills, community projects and children’s parties and more.

With all this in place we will then look to improve the amenities within the park.

Get involved and pledge some money - if we do not hit the target then your money will not be asked for.

Please visit our crowdfunding page now by hitting the link.

It is time to take matters into our own hands!  With the continual cuts being made within local government it is time that we did something to help.

Together we recently stopped a fairground being allowed to set up within Blondin Park and the overwhelming response to this has certainly made us aware that there is a community out there who cares.

We, the Blondin Consortium, would like to deliver you a positive message

If we all put our skills and enthusiasm together we can create a really positive community which we can enjoy now and will be of benefit for future generations.

So, who are  the consortium?

A group of people who have invested a lot of time within Blondin Park - or who have aspirations to do so.  Please see the partners that have signed up to date.

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We need to raise £450,000 very quickly for our community hub - can you make a pledge?
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