Blondin consortium
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Revised Budget for building the community hub without any fees to Spacehive or Go Card.

Payments will be made through London Borough of Ealing Parks Department and therefore there will be no VAT to pay by the Consortium.


Cost of Groundwork                               9,783

Cost of Building (built off-site)               370,000

Contingency (e.g. Services)                    25,000

Total Project                                      404,783


London Borough Ealing                       50,000

Northfield Ward Forum                        10,000

Brentford Festival                                10,000

Fundraising/donations                             100

Crowdfunding (secure)                          2,941 *

Crowdfunding (unsecure)                      4,094 *  

* These figures will alter as and when we receive pledges and will be reflected in the total.

Total Secured funds                            £73,041

In addition to the above we have applied to two major grant givers and hope to have more to

Share at the beginning of February 2019.

If you would like to donate to this exciting project, please contact us and we will supply you with

our BACS details. Every donation will help us reach our target.